Andrew Lynch

Andrew Lynch

Married to Family Medicine

Andrew Lynch first got his interest in real estate while attending college at SUNY New Paltz when a rental investment opportunity came to hand. After graduating with an A.S. in accounting and B.S. in finance, he soon found himself falling in love with real estate. Partnering with the right investors and trades, he was able to turn his first investment into a career.

During this time, Andrew met his future wife, who was graduating from a nearby college with a bachelor's degree in biology. They began dating and soon found themselves relocating around different parts of New York as she pursued her studies and training in osteopathic medicine. Their journey eventually led them to the greater Raleigh area, where his wife accepted an attending position with UNC Health System.

Andrew quickly realized the challenges of finding a home that fit both his and his spouse's demanding schedules, and how having a relocation specialist who understands those challenges is crucial. As a member of Moving Medicine Partners, Andrew has firsthand experience with the stress, urgency, and time it takes to find the right home during a move, especially when balancing the demands of a demanding workload.



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