Laura Zelnick

Laura Zelnick

Married to Interventional Cardiology

Laura entered the world of real estate because she enjoys helping people. Prior to starting at Compass, she worked in medical sales, where she developed a strong background in sales and customer relations. When Laura eventually switched to working in real estate, she realized it was the perfect fit for her - she was able to combine the skills she gained from her time in sales with her passion for South Florida homes.

Besides her own medical background, Laura's personal family is made up of many medical professionals. Her husband, father-in-law, sister-in-law, and brother-in-law are all physicians, while two of her sisters are nurses and her brother works on medical devices. Laura understands the demands and sacrifices that medical professionals and their families face, and she incorporates this understanding into her approach to providing the best real estate experience possible to her medical clients.

As someone who has lived in South Florida for over 20 years, Laura has watched the region transform from a notoriously vacation spot to one of the most desired places to live full-time. Shortly after starting her real estate career, the South Florida housing boom began, throwing Laura into the world of real estate very quickly. Since then, the market has subsided, but Laura has continued to maintain continuous business.

As a part of the Drop Anchor team, Laura, in collaboration with her team, has mastered a unique selling strategy. She never views a sale as a transaction, but a huge life milestone for her client. Her extremely client-centric approach to real estate has helped Laura develop strong relationships with her clients to ensure each and every one of their needs are met. Her excellent reviews and referrals are a testament to her success and strong reputation as an agent.

Real estate is one of Laura's two passions - the second is her family. She feels so blessed to have her husband and three children by her side. She makes balancing her work life and home life seem effortless!



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